We offer a comprehensive range of products (Saccharides) that includes various less common monosaccharides (tetroses, pentoses, hexoses, and certain heptoses), as well as selected oligosaccharides. Additionally, our portfolio includes polysaccharides with covalently bound dyes for enzymology purposes, a series of 1-deoxy-1-nitroalditols, and related compounds.

To ensure quality control, all our products undergo rigorous testing for impurities using highly sensitive detection agents and high-performance liquid chromatography. We are also capable of accommodating special requirements from individual customers. Each shipment is accompanied by a certificate of analysis and a safety data sheet.

We offer flexible packaging options, ranging from small laboratory-sized quantities to bulk quantities.
For proper storage, it is recommended that all products be kept in a dry place at room temperature, unless otherwise specified.

Furthermore, we have the capability to prepare other carbohydrates / saccharides and their derivatives, even if they are not listed in our current catalog. We welcome inquiries regarding custom synthesis projects.

Please feel free to request pricing information, which is dependent on the quantity of products desired, as well as delivery timeframes. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and look forward to assisting you with your specific requirements.