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Packaging and Containers

With many years of experience in the chemical industry and the support of our chemists and logistics team, we ensure the correct selection of suitable container types for each product according to their application and characteristics. We can also offer different types of packaging depending on the nature and ordered amount of selected chemicals. We react flexibly to specific requirements from our customers to serve their needs.

Container Types

These are the typical container types used for packaging our products:

Glass vialsSize
Screw neck vials (amber glass with butyl PTFE seals)0,1ml – 4ml
Screw neck vials (clear glass with butyl PTFE seals)0,1ml – 4ml
Glass bottlesSize
Laboratory bottles, narrow neck (amber glass)5ml – 2500ml
Laboratory bottles, wide neck (amber glass)25ml – 5000ml
Plastic bottlesSize
Bottles, wide neck (HDPE, white)250ml – 2000ml
Bottles, wide neck, square (HDPE, white)50ml – 4000ml
Nalgene® narrow-mouth bottles30ml – 1000ml
Plastic canisterSize
Plastic canisters (HDPE, PE/PA)5L – 20L
Tight head combination drum (made of sheet steel and plastic - HDPE)6L – 205L
Tight-head drums – Steel drums6L – 216,5L
Open-top drums – hobbocks and open-top drums with a tension ring lock.6L – 210L

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