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Dicyclopentamethylenethiuram disulfide

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Product code:GEO-01024
Synonyms:Bis(pentamethylene)thiuram disulfide; bis(piperidinothiocarbonyl) disulphide; 1-[(carbothioyldisulfanyl)-N-(piperidin-1-yl)carbothioyl]piperidine; N,N'-Pentamethylenethiuram disulfide; Robac PTD; Bis(piperidinothiocarbonyl) disulfide; 1,1'-dithiobis[1-(1-piperidinyl)-Methanethione
Dicyclopentamethylenethiuram disulfide structuremagnifier
Molecular formula:C12H20N2S4
Molecular weight:320,53
CAS number:[94-37-1]
EC number:[202-328-1]
Freezing/Melting Range:132-134°C
Regulatory Information
GHS pictogram:GHS05GHS07
Signal Word:Danger
Hazard Statements:
H315 - H317 - H318 - H335
Precautionary Statements:
P261 - P280 - P302+352 - P305+351+338
Hazard Codes:Xi - irritant
Risk Statements:
R36/37/38 - R43
Safety Statements:
S26 - S36/37/39
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