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Phosphorus Precursors

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Product code:GEO-01021
Synonyms:dichloro(propan-2-yl)phosphane; Isopropyldichlorophosphine; (1-Methylethyl)phosphonous dichloride
Purity:97+%Dichloroisopropylphosphine structuremagnifier
Molecular formula:C3H7Cl2P
Molecular weight:144,967
CAS number:[25235-15-8]
EC number:[Not Listed]
Regulatory Information
Transport Information:WATER-REACTVIE LIQUID, CORROSIVE, N.O.S. UN3129 4.3(8)/PG I
GHS pictogram:GHS02GHS05
Signal Word:Danger
Hazard Statements:
H226 - H260 - H314 - EUH014
Precautionary Statements:
P210 - P223 - P261 - P280 - P231+232 - P305+351+338 - P370+378 - P422
Hazard Codes:C - Corrosive
Risk Statements:
R10 - R14 - R34
Safety Statements:
S16 - S26 - S36/37/39 - S45
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