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Adipic acid monoethyl ester


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Product code:GEO-00054
Synonyms:Mono-ethyl adipate; Ethyl hydrogen adipate; 6-ethoxy-6-oxohexanoic acid; Hexanedioic acid monoethyl ester; Ethyl adipate mone; 1,4-Butanedicarboxylic acid monoethyl ester; Monoethyl hexanedioate,Hexanedioic acid 1-ethyl ester
Purity:98+%Adipic acid monoethyl ester structuremagnifier
Molecular formula:C8H14O4
Molecular weight:174,2
CAS number:[626-86-8]
EC number:[210-966-7]
Freezing/Melting Range:28-29°C
Boiling point:179-181°C
Regulatory Information

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